Engineered extracellular matrix for soft tissue repair, reinforcement and complex wounds. 

Natural structure and engineered architecture enables rapid cell access.

Delivers biology known to support healing

Myriad™ retains the authentic structure and complexity of natural tissue ECM and provides biological cues to aid the repair process. Myriad™ contains 151 ECM proteins, including collagen and other secondary molecules that exist in tissue and aid the healing process [1,2,3,4]

Natural vascular channels facilitate angioconduction

Angioconduction is the structural effect of vascular channels on endothelial cells to support blood vessel development [5]. Studies have shown that when present in a graft material, natural vascular channels lead to a denser and more rapidly forming capillary network [5]. Myriad™ contains an extensive network of vascular channels within the natural ECM [5]. The vascular channels provide immediate and specific vascular architecture to support migrating endothelial cells to establish new vasculature and a robust blood supply [2,5].

Representative image of residual vascular channels present in Myriad™ ECM following dye perfusion (left) [6]. Vasularization of the ECM in vivo (right) [6].


Designed to support surgical mastery

Myriad™ is designed to be easy to customize for a wide range of anatomical sites and individual situations. It is strong, soft, drapable, and conforming. It rehydrates quickly, and is easy to handle, cut, suture or staple. Myriad™ helps to achieve surgical mastery in routine and more challenging repair and reinforcement procedures.


Endoform® ECM – trusted technology in soft tissue repair

Endoform® ECM technology has been in clinical use for over 10 years and over 5 million devices have been used in a range of soft tissue repair procedures, including wounds, abdominal wall repair, plastics and reconstructive surgery. Endoform® is a leading ECM technology for soft tissue repair.


Versatile soft tissue matrix

Myriad™ is indicated for both implant and dermal procedures. Myriad™ is designed for use by a range of surgical specialties, including plastics, general, vascular and podiatric surgeons.


Myriad™ is suitable for a wide range of plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures where soft tissue requires repair or reinforcement. The structure and biology of Myriad™ may also help healing in patients with impaired or compromised healing due to local or systemic factors.



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